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Jazz Internet Package 3 Day

Jazz Internet Package 3 Day

Are you looking for a 3-day internet package that gives you unlimited access to the internet without any time limit? If yes, then you should check out the Jazz Internet Package 3 Day 2024, which is specially designed for Jazz customers who want to enjoy seamless connectivity for a short period. With this package, you can enjoy 1000 MBs of data, 1000 Jazz minutes, 10 other network minutes, and 1000 SMS for just Rs. 60.

In this blog post, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Jazz Internet Package 3 Day 2024, including how to activate it, what are the benefits, and how to check the remaining resources. So, read on and find out why Jazz is the best choice for your 3-day internet needs.

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Table of 3 Day call pkg Telenor

Package NamePriceDataMinutesSMSValidityActivation Code
3 Day Max OfferPKR 601 GB10 Other Networks, 1000 Jazz On Net10003 Days*345*91#
3 Day ExtremePKR 18500 MB3 Days (2 AM – 2 PM)*345*210#
3 Day BrowserPKR 25100 MB3 Days*345*210##
Table of 3 Day call pkg Telenor

What is the Jazz 3 Day Internet Package?

The 3 Day call pkg Telenor is designed to provide users with 1GB of data access for three days. Priced at an economical Rs. 60 inclusive of taxes this package is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a substantial data allowance for brief occasions such as a weekend getaway or a short business trip.

How to Subscribe to the 3 Day call pkg Telenor

Subscribing to the Jazz Internet Package 3 Day is a hassle-free process. To activate this package, simply dial *631# from your Jazz mobile phone. Upon successful subscription, you will promptly receive a confirmation message ensuring you can begin using your data without delay.

How to Check Your Remaining Data Balance

Keeping track of your data usage is essential to avoid unexpected overages. To monitor your remaining data balance on the Jazz Internet Package 3 Day dial *6312# from your Jazz mobile phone. You will receive a message displaying the remaining data in your package enabling you to manage your usage effectively.

Benefits of the Jazz 3-Day Internet Package

This package offers several advantages to its users, making it a preferred choice:

  1. Affordable Price: Priced at only Rs. 60 (including taxes) the 3 Day call pkg Telenor is accessible to a broad range of users, even those on a tight budget.
  2. Generous Data Allowance: With 1GB of data, this package caters to the needs of most users for three days, ensuring you stay connected without limitations.
  3. Fast Speeds: Jazz provides 4G speeds on its network guaranteeing fast and reliable internet connectivity for all your online activities.
  4. Wide Coverage: Jazz boasts an extensive network coverage across Pakistan allowing you to use the internet package seamlessly even while traveling.

Who Should Use the 3 Day call pkg Telenor?

This package is ideally suited for those requiring a substantial data allowance for a brief period. It also appeals to individuals seeking an affordable internet package. Here are some scenarios in which the 3 Day call pkg Telenor:

  1. Students: Ideal for research, assignments, and staying connected while keeping costs low.
  2. Business Travelers: Ensures you remain productive and connected during short work-related trips.
  3. Weekend Getaways: Stay in touch with friends and family during your leisure time.
  4. Budget-Conscious Users: Offers an economical internet solution without compromising on quality.

For more information go to the official website of Jazz.


In conclusion, the 3 Day call pkg Telenor tands out as an excellent choice for users in need of a substantial data allowance for a short duration. Its affordability and reliable network coverage make it a go-to option for various scenarios. If you are searching for a dependable and cost-effective internet package in Pakistan, the Jazz 3-day internet package should certainly be on your radar. Stay connected without breaking the bank!

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