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Jazz YouTube Packages 2024 Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

Jazz YouTube Packages 2024 Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

Are you interested in the Jazz YouTube Packages in 2024? These packages offer a suitable way to enjoy unlimited YouTube streaming without the fear of reducing your regular data allowance. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the world of Jazz YouTube packages answering key questions and helping you choose the right package for your needs and budget.

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What is a Jazz YouTube package?

Jazz YouTube package is a specified data plan designed for YouTube Facebook, and WhatsApp usage. This means you can indulge in boundless video streaming and stay connected on your desired social media platforms without worrying about your regular data running out. It’s a smart way to enjoy multimedia content without giving in to your overall data usage.

Jazz YouTube Packages Code 2024 Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

Package NameData VolumeValidityPrice (PKR)Activation Code
Jazz Hourly YouTube Package1.5 GB for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp2 Hours3.59*3000#
Jazz Daily YouTube & Social Bundle Package1.5 GB for YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook24 Hours23 (Incl. Tax)*968#
Jazz 3-Day YouTube & Social Bundle Package4 GB for YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook3 Days60 (Incl. Tax)*631#
Jazz Weekly YouTube Offer & Social5 GB for YouTube, IMO, WhatsApp, and Facebook7 Days138 (Load)*660#
Jazz Monthly YouTube & Social Offer15 GB for YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO + 500 SMS + 500 Jazz Mins + 50 Other Network Mins30 Days390 Plus Tax*601#
Jazz Monthly YouTube Package2 GB for YouTube30 Days89 (Incl. Tax)*709#
table of Jazz YouTube Packages Code 2024 Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

How to Check Remaining MBs

There are two ways to check the remaining MBs in your Jazz YouTube package:

  1. Dial the bundle status code. This code is different for each package as shown in the table you provided. For example, to check the remaining MBs in your Hourly YouTube Package you would dial *117*30*2#
  2. Use the Jazz World app. The Jazz World app is available for free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
  3. Then tap on the Packages and select your YouTube package. The remaining MBs will be displayed below the package name.

Note: You are charged Rs. 0.06 for dialing the bundle status code.

Which Jazz YouTube package is right for you?

The ideal Jazz YouTube package for you hinges on your specific requirements and budget. Here’s a quick guideline:

  1. If you only occasionally stream YouTube, the hourly or daily package is a pocket-friendly choice.
  2. For frequent YouTube usage, consider the 3-day, weekly, or monthly package to ensure uninterrupted streaming.

How to subscribe to a Jazz YouTube package

Subscribing to a Jazz YouTube package is a breeze. Simply dial the subscription code for your desired package. all package subscribe codes are also given in the table.


Jazz YouTube packages offer a fantastic way to indulge in unlimited YouTube streaming while keeping your data worries at bay. With an array of packages to choose from you can find the perfect fit for your needs and budget. Say goodbye to data limitations and hello to endless YouTube enjoyment with Jazz YouTube packages.

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