Sim Owner Details with Name and Address | Sim Owner Details 2024

Sim Owner Details with Name and Address Sim Owner Details 2024

If you want to know who is the owner of a sim card and where they live you might be curious about how to find out their name address and other sim-related information. This article will show you how to get the full name of the SIM owner details by number and other useful data about their sim. You will learn how to access the sim owner details in Pakistan CNIC their location and their phone history.

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You will discover how to track a sim card its phone number its network provider its security codes its contacts and its messages. Sim cards enable mobile users to use this information and the functions that come with it. You will also find out how many devices are registered with your number.

This content will answer these questions for you. However, there are strict laws that prevent anyone from revealing personal information that can identify someone in real life along with their verified accounts. We respect the privacy of the registered owner or the lost caller and their name and phone number. We do not interfere with the personal lives of others. That is why we only provide a rough estimate of the location of a phone caller on all web applications.

Nowadays girls are harassed and blackmailed by people who get access to their phones and collect their information and pictures. The girls are not able to confront them. Harassment means behaving in a way that makes the victim feel scared threatened oppressed persecuted or intimidated no matter what the relationship is between the harasser and the victim. Girls often face many prank calls and annoying messages.

Check SIM Owner Details | Update 2024

Girls do not know how they get their information such as CNIC where they live and what their exact location is. They are easily trapped and they do what the people tell them to do. But now technology is advanced and you can get all the information about the person who is bothering you such as where they are from what their address is what their nationality is what their CNIC is and more.

But how can you do that? Don’t worry you will get the complete sim owner details here. However, there are some websites and applications that try to steal the personal details of other people by showing the caller’s name. You can also trace the mobile number details using Live Tracker.

Check Sim Owner Name by Mobile Number | Update 2024

If someone is bothering you with their phone calls and messages you might want to find out their name and other information by using their mobile number. You can try these methods to get the name of the person you are looking for:

  1. Join a public platform where people share their phone numbers and names.
  2. Write the names and numbers you want to call in the comment sections of websites.
  3. Reveal your details on a public forum.
  4. Update your name and phone number on the website’s portal.
  5. Use apps that let you exchange names and personal data from your contacts.
  6. Write your phone name and number on the website of online advertising.

If you want to learn more about sim owner details you should know that sim cards are still used in mobile phones even though smartphones and apps have changed a lot. Sim card stands for subscriber identity module and it stores the sim owner details and a key that is very important for your smartphone. Without a sim card, your mobile phone cannot make calls send messages use mobile data or do other things. SIM card is essential and every user needs one.

In the past people could get sim cards without registering themselves and they could do illegal things without being caught. Their identity was hidden and they lived freely. But now technology is advanced and anyone who buys a sim card has to register with their complete information such as their CNIC address and name.

PTA has made it compulsory for users to register the sim card in their own name to use the network. So if they do something wrong and use their sim card it is not hard to find out their sim owner detail.

By using a sim card we can easily track down a criminal by tracing their IP address and finding out their sim owner detail. Here we are giving you some popular and well-known apps that you can install and use to find out the name and other information of any unknown person.

How to Check Sim Owner Name Online Using True Caller? | Update 2024

This is how you can find out the name and full address of someone who is calling you without knowing them. You need to follow these steps to get rid of your problem. If you want to get the details of the sim owner you need to have an android phone and be able to use Ufone network.

This is the only network that gives you the sim owner details and lets you check the sim ownership during the call. But if you have an android phone and you cannot use Ufone you can still get the information by doing this:

Go to Google Play store and look for truecaller app and download it. Set up the app on your phone When the installation is done click on get started. You have to do some more steps like activating the app by typing your mobile phone number. Truecaller support will call the number you typed to check if it is really yours.

When they confirm your number you will see a signup screen where you have to sign up by typing your first name last name and your email. You can sign up with Facebook or Google. After the app is installed and the caller ID is activated go to Phone Settings > Apps & notifications.

Find Truecaller and click on Notifications and make sure the Show notifications switch is on. By following these steps you can get the information of the unknown caller and take action against them.

SIM Owner Details App | Update 2024

Sim Owner details app is a useful and amazing app for Android devices. It lets you find out the details of any phone number easily. This app is for everyone who wants to know more about their contacts.

SIM owner details app is a great app that gives you accurate information without any mistakes. You can download Sim Owner details apk from Google Play store and install it on your Android phone.

This app is ranked in 2023 and it is the best because of its performance. It has wonderful features that you will love. You can quickly get the information of anyone who is bothering you.

SIM Owner Information Online With PTA | Update 2024

Sim owner information online with PTA For sim owner details in Pakistan PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) is the authority that regulates sim cards. Whenever you buy a new sim card get a dual-size sim card or change the sim owner name or anything else related to your sim card you have to verify it with the biometric verification system (BVS) in Pakistan after getting verified from Nadra. You can only have 5 SIM cards per CNIC.

If you buy a sim card and the representative takes your CNIC information but does not give you a sim card you have to complain against him because it can be dangerous for you. You have to send your complaint to PTA using a SIM information system.

You have to provide your CNIC number the date of your visit and the name and address of the sales channel that you visited. Nowadays many people use the wrong ways to sell their SIM cards and cheat people so you have to be careful and not buy SIM cards from anyone. We hope that this article will help you to get the sim owner details.

Check SIM Owner Details with Name and Address | Update 2024

Check Sim Owner Details with Name and Address many online tools on the internet can help you find the sim owner details by phone number. One of them is istaunch which is popular for finding the sim owner name and other information like sim ownership and unknown caller details who call you randomly on your cell phone.

Other online tools can help you trace the sim number and check the identity of the caller name address and location. Istaunch is a simple web app that allows you to check the sim card details easily. You just have to enter the mobile phone number and you will get the whole number details sim owner details with name and address.

How to Check SIM Owner Details in Pakistan? | Update 2024

This is how you can find out the information of the person who owns a SIM card in Pakistan. You can use different ways to do this for any telecom sim like Telenor Zong Ufone Jazz Warid and Scom.

Pakistan Telecom Authority has also started an online sim database information system that lets you check the sim details number of sim on cnic and other information.

SIM Owner Details By Sending SMS | Update 2024

To find out the details of the sim owner by sending SMS you can use different codes for different networks. Here is a table that shows the codes and the steps for each network.

Jazz6001Send your CNIC # from a SIM that is registered with the same CNIC to 6001. You will get the verification status of your CNIC.
Telenor7751 or 7750Send any SMS (even a blank one) to 7751. You will get a reply that tells you if the number you are using is BVS verified or not. Send any SMS (even a blank one) to 7750. You will get a reply that tells you the nearest Telenor office or retailer location.
CMPak7911Send “V” to 7911. This is a free SMS service that checks the verified numbers.
Ufone*336#Dial *336# and a menu will appear. Type 1 and press send. You will get the verification status of your number.
Warid789Send your CNIC to 789 from a primary verified number. You will get a reply that tells you the status of the numbers that are registered with your CNIC and their verification stats. You will also get a text message that explains the format of this process.
S Com*999#Dial *999# and this code will work for both prepaid and postpaid users. You will get to know your SIM number for free.
Table of Sim Owner Details By Sending SMS

Sim Owner Details Finder | Update 2024

Sim Owner Details Finder is a tool that helps you find out the information of the person who owns a sim card. You can use this tool to enter the phone number of any sim card and get the details of the sim owner such as their name address and network provider.

You can also use this tool to check how many sim cards are registered on your CNIC and verify them with a biometric verification system. This tool is useful for anyone who wants to know more about their contacts or avoid prank calls and harassment.

Sim Owner Details with Name and Address | Sim Owner Details 2024

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