Ufone 3 Day Internet Packages

Ufone 3-Day Internet Packages

Best Ufone 3 Day Internet Packages in 2023. Do you need economical and practical internet packages to stay connected as a Ufone Prepaid customer? Look no further since Ufone has a variety of 3 day internet packages that are geared to your unique requirements and price range. The specifics of these packages, how to sign up for them, and some helpful advice for getting the most out of your 3-day internet experience will all be covered in this article

You might want to subscribe to Ufone 3 Day Internet Packages, but first, you need to make sure you have enough balance. Otherwise, the package won’t be activated. You can borrow some money from Ufone if you are short on cash.

Once you have the package, don’t forget to save your balance. You don’t want to lose it all by browsing the internet. Plus, you never know when you might need some extra balance for an emergency or to share with your friends.

Ufone 3 Day Internet Packages

1. Ufone 3 Day Bucket:

On the Ufone 3G network, this bundle offers 100 MB of mobile internet and an additional 500 MB of social pack. All of this is available for just Rs. 30 (taxes included). It’s ideal for users who want to check their emails and stay connected on social media without quickly using up all of their data.

2. Ufone 3 Day Super Internet:

If you use the internet frequently, the Ufone 3 Day Super Internet subscription might be the best option for you. You may get 1.2 GB of mobile internet on the Ufone 3G/4G network for just Rs. 130 (taxes included). This bundle is intended for users who download files, stream videos or need a larger data allotment.

Subscription codes:

  • Ufone 3-Day Internet Bucket: *6300#
  • Ufone 3-Day Social Offer: *3350#
Package NameData VolumeValidityPriceSubscription Code
3 Day Bucket500 MB3 DaysRs. 25*3350#
Table of Ufone 3 Day Internet Package

How to Subscribe to Ufone 3 Day Internet Package

The method of subscribing to these packages is simple:

  • Call the subscription number for your chosen plan.
  • obey the directions displayed on the screen.
  • You’ll get a confirmation message once your subscription is successful.

How to Use Ufone 3 Day Internet Package

You can start utilizing your chosen package as soon as you’ve subscribed to it. Simply launch your chosen app or web browser to see your data usage calculated against your package. Enjoy constant internet access without being concerned about running out of data.

Note: Please be aware that Ufone 3 day internet packages are subject to change without prior notice. For the most up-to-date information on these packages visit the Ufone website.

Tips for Using Ufone 3 Day Internet Package

Here are some valuable tips to maximize your Ufone 3-day internet package experience:

  • Select the Correct plan: When choosing a plan, take your usage habits and price range into account. Choose the Ufone 3-Day Bucket if you rarely use the internet and the Ufone 3-Day Super Internet if you do.
  • Monitor Your Usage: Dial *706# to keep track of how much data you are using. You can avoid using more data by doing this.
  • When possible use Wi-Fi Connect to Wi-Fi networks when they are accessible to save data.


We advise selecting the Ufone 3-day internet bundle that fits your usage requirements and price range. Light users should choose the Ufone 3-Day Bucket, while those with average data needs should choose the Ufone 3-Day Super Internet. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your data consumption by dialing *706# to make sure you don’t go over your allotted amount.

Making the most of your internet plan and preserving your data allotment also means using Wi-Fi whenever you can.

Visit the official Ufone website for additional details on their 3-day internet bundles and other services. With Ufone, remain in touch and informed!

Terms and Conditions for Ufone 3 Day Internet Package

  • All Ufone 3-day internet packages are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Please visit the Ufone website for the latest information on 3-day internet packages.
  • All rates are in Pakistani Rupees (PKR).
  • All data is billed in one-MB increments.
  • A setup fee of PKR 1 will be charged for each subscription.
  • Taxes and surcharges will apply as per government regulations.
  • Ufone reserves the right to modify or terminate any 3-day internet package at any time without prior notice.

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Ufone 3 Day Internet Packages

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