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Zong Daily Internet Packages 24 Hours

Zong Daily Internet Packages

Best Zong Daily Internet Packages in 2024. Zong is a top telecom company in Pakistan that offers different internet packages to its customers. These packages come in daily weekly and monthly options. In this article, we’ll focus on the Zong Daily Internet Packages. We’ll explain what they are how much data you get how long they last, and how to choose the right one for you.

You should check your balance before subscribing Zong Internet Package. If the balance is a little less, you can also get a Zong advance loan. After installing the package you need to save your balance. This will save you money when you log in. You can share your Zong balance with your family or friends.

Type of Zong Daily Internet Packages 2024

I will give you all the information about all Zong packages daily. Here’s a list of these packages:

Daily Basic Internet Package

  • Validity: 1 day
  • Data Allowance: 100 MB
  • Price (including tax): Rs. 15

Daily Basic Premium Internet Package

  • Validity: 1 day
  • Data Allowance: 500 MB
  • Price (including tax): Rs. 25

Daily DTO

  • Validity: 1 day
  • Data Allowance: 1.5 GB
  • Price (including tax): Rs. 25

Daily Data Max

  • Validity: 1 day
  • Data Allowance: 1 GB
  • Price (including tax): Rs. 49
Package NameValidityData AllowancePrice (including tax)Subscribe CodeUnsubscribe CodeRemaining MB Check
Daily Basic Internet Package1 day100 MBRs. 15*6464#*6464*2#*102#
Daily Basic Premium Internet Package1 day500 MBRs. 25*6464#*6464*3#*102#
Daily DTO1 day1.5 GBRs. 25*47#*6464*4#*102#
Daily Data Max1 day1 GBRs. 49*5#*6464*5#*102#
Table of Zong Daily Internet Packages

Choosing the Right Daily Internet Package

To pick the best daily internet package, consider your needs and budget. If you use the internet occasionally, the Daily Basic Internet Package or the Daily Basic Premium Internet Package may be enough. However, if you use the internet a lot go for packages like Daily DTO or Daily Data Max with larger data limits.

Also, think about how long you need internet access. If you only need it for a few hours each day a daily package is great. But if you need constant access, consider weekly or monthly packages.

Get More information on the Zong Website.

How to Subscribe to Zong Daily Internet Packages

You can subscribe to a Zong daily internet package through these methods:

  1. Dial 6464# and follow the instructions.
  2. Use the Zong app.
  3. Visit the Zong website.

Once subscribed you can start using your internet right away. To check your remaining data balance dial *102#.

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When picking a Zong daily internet package, consider these factors:

  1. Data needs: Choose a plan that matches your daily data usage.
  2. Budget: Find a package that fits your budget starting at Rs. 10.
  3. Usage patterns: Look for bundles with features like night data or social media data if you need them.


I hope you have got all the information about one day internet package, if you like this information then you have to share it with your friends.


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