Non-Stop Zong Monthly Call Packages 30 Days

Best Non-Stop Zong Monthly Call Packages 30 Days in 2024. Staying connected is essential in the fast-paced world we live in today, and Zong knows this better than others. For the various demands of its prepaid and postpaid customers, it provides a variety of monthly call packages. Zong has something to offer everyone whether you’re a constant chatterbox or a more infrequent caller.

In this post, we’ll examine two well-liked Zong monthly call packages in-depth and offer some practical advice for maximizing them.

If you want to subscribe to Zong monthly call package first you need to check your balance. If your balance is less than the package price, you can get a loan from Zong.

After subscribing to the package you have to save your balance if you do not save your balance then it will be lost. You can also share your balance with your friends and family.

Zong Monthly All-Net Call Package

  • Price: Rs. 500
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Subscription code: *386# and select Option 2
  • Remaining MB check: Dial  *6464*4#
  • Call minutes: 2000 on-net minutes
  • Other network minutes: 200 minutes

For people who enjoy interacting with friends and family across several networks, the Monthly All-Net Call Package is perfect. You can contact other networks for another 200 minutes on top of the 2000 on-net minutes you get for just Rs. 500. This bundle gives you enough of time to stay in touch without having to worry about running out of minutes thanks to its one-month validity period.

Zong Monthly Shandaar Mahana Offer

  1. Price: Rs. 300
  2. Validity: 30 days
  3. Subscription code: *1000#
  4. Remaining MB check: Dial *102#
  5. Call minutes: 1000 on-net minutes
  6. Other network minutes: 100 minutes

For individuals who prefer lighter usage, the Monthly Shandaar Mahana Offer is a cost-effective choice. You can make calls to other networks for 100 minutes for just Rs. 300 in addition to 1000 on-net minutes. For individuals who wish to stay in touch without going over budget, this bundle is ideal.

How to Subscribe to Zong Monthly Call Packages

It’s simple to sign up for Zong monthly call Packages. Just adhere to these easy steps:

  1. Enter the subscription code for the preferred package.
  2. obey the directions displayed on the screen.
  3. When everything is finished you’ll get a confirmation message.
  4. You are now prepared to place those calls!

How to Use Zong Monthly Call Packages

It’s simple to use your Zong Monthly Call Package by simply dialing a phone number. Once subscribed, take the following actions:

  1. Enter the desired number on the phone.
  2. Activate the call button.
  3. Your call will be connected, and minutes from your package will be used.

It’s a good idea to check the official Zong website for the most recent information because Zong Monthly Call Packages are subject to change.

Tips for Using Zong Monthly Call Packages

To make the most of your Zong Monthly Call Package, consider these tips:

  • Choose the Right Package: Choose a bundle that fits your usage habits and price range. The Monthly Shandaar Mahana Offer is a fantastic choice if you’re a light user. The Monthly All-Net Call Package might be better appropriate for frequent users.
  • Monitor Your Call Minutes: Dial *102# to keep an eye on your usage. You can keep inside your call limits by doing this.
  • Use Wi-Fi: Connect to Wi-Fi whenever you can to prevent using up your mobile call minutes.
  • Call During Off-Peak Hours: Off-peak hours frequently have reduced on-net call rates, so you might choose to make calls then to conserve package minutes.


The Monthly All-Net Call Package is a wise choice for the majority of users. It ensures you stay in touch throughout the entire month by providing a sizable number of call minutes at a reasonable cost. The Monthly Shandaar Mahana Offer, on the other hand, is a reasonable substitute if you don’t make a lot of calls.

If you’re on a limited budget, keep in mind that Zong also provides weekly and daily call packages, but if you’re a regular caller, these might not be enough. Consider your spending limit and usage patterns carefully to identify the solution that is the best fit for you.


In this article I have explained the Zong monthly call package, it includes many packages in which you can set the package according to your choice. I hope you have gained a lot of information from this article.

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Non-Stop Zong Monthly Call Packages 30 Days

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