Zong weekly internet packages code 100 rupees

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Best Zong Weekly Internet Packages. Zong a significant player in the Pakistan mobile network market, offers a variety of internet packages to meet the various needs of its users. The Zong weekly internet bundles can be exactly what you need if you demand a set amount of data for a week.

I will examine the Super Weekly Max, Super Weekly Plus, Super Weekly, and Mega Weekly internet packages from Zong in this blog article.

If you want to subscribe Zong weekly data package then you need to check your balance first if your Zong balance is low then you can avail advanced service of Zong.

After subscribing to the package you save your balance. You can also share your balance with your friends and family if you want.

Type of Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Zong internet package in 400 weekly – Super Weekly Max

The Super Weekly Max package is the most complete weekly internet bundle offered by Zong. At Rs. 400, it gives 5000 Zong minutes, 100GB of data, 100 all-net minutes, and 5000 SMS. This bundle is designed for heavy data users who want a lot of data for streaming or gaming at work. It’s a great option for anyone looking for dependable mobile internet access.

Zong Internet package 385 weekly – Super Weekly Plus

Users who need a lot of data but want a more affordable choice can obtain 75GB of data with the Super Weekly Plus subscription for Rs. 385. Additionally, it comes with 5000 Zong minutes and SMS of fair usage, and 180 off-net minutes of limitless Zong minutes. This bundle balances data and phone minutes to meet the needs of a variety of users.

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Zong Internet package 385 weekly – Super Weekly

The Super Weekly bundle may be ideal if your data needs are more moderate. For Rs. 250, you may get 50GB of data and 4GB of internet just for Facebook and WhatsApp. With a fair usage regulation of 5000 Zong minutes and SMS, it also offers limitless Zong minutes and SMS.

Zong internet package 160 weekly – Mega Weekly

The Mega Weekly bundle is a great option for those on a tight budget who just require a minimal amount of data. It offers 25GB of data combined with 4GB of internet reserved for YouTube and TikTok for just Rs. 160.

Which Zong Weekly Internet Packages is Right for You?

Your unique needs and financial situation determine the best Zong internet plan for you each week. The Super Weekly Max bundle comes highly recommended if you need a lot of data and want to keep in touch with your family.

For individuals who want plenty of data but don’t require a lot of talk time or SMS, there is the Super Weekly Plus bundle. The Super Weekly bundle strikes a compromise between pricing and functionality if your data needs are more moderate. Finally, those who need basic data connection on a low budget might consider the Mega Weekly bundle.

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Package NameDataSMSZong MinutesOff-Net MinutesValidityPriceActivation Code
Super Weekly Offer3 GB257 daysRs. 250*6464#
Super Weekly Plus7 GB7 daysRs. 240*20#
Super Weekly Max20 GB (10 GB for YouTube)500050001007 daysRs. 420*220#
Weekly Premium30 GB (15 GB for YouTube)7 daysRs. 440*225#
Weekly Video8 GB (for YouTube and TikTok)7 daysRs. 169*570#
Table of Zong 7 Days Internet Packages

How to Subscribe to a Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Subscribing to a Zong weekly internet package is a breeze. Simply dial the following codes from your mobile device: Dile the subscribe code who given already in the table.

Upon dialing the code you will receive a confirmation message and your weekly internet package will be activated immediately.

If you have to get more information go to the official website of Zong.


I hope you have taken all the information about Zong Weekly Internet Package. I have given the package name data sms call minutes of nets minutes validity price and activation code information in it. If you like this information then you can share it with your friends and family.

Zong weekly internet packages code 100 rupees

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