Jazz Facebook Packages 2024

Jazz Facebook Packages

If you are looking for Jazz Facebook Packages daily, weekly, and monthly. no more search. you reach right. Jazz famous telecom service provider in Pakistan has been consistently delivering top-notch mobile and internet services.

In today’s digital time, Facebook holds an important place in our lives serving as a platform for social connections information sharing, and entertainment. Recognizing Facebook importance to its users Jazz has introduced a range of Facebook packages offering dedicated data at budget-friendly rates.

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Jazz Facebook Packages Daily weekly and Monthly 2024

Package NameData VolumeValidityPrice (PKR)Activation Code
Jazz Daily Facebook Package500 MB for Facebook24 Hours7 (Incl. Tax)*1145#
Jazz Daily Social Bundle500 MB for Facebook, WhatsApp, and IMO24 Hours8 (Incl. Tax)*1145#
Jazz Weekly Facebook Package5 GB for Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO & YouTube7 Days138 (Load)*660#
Jazz Monthly Facebook Package10 GB for Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO & Tamasha + 300 Jazz Mins + 50 Other Network Mins + 300 SMS30 Days275 (Incl. Tax)*617#
Table of Jazz Facebook Packages

What is the Need for a Facebook Package

Social media, with Facebook leading the pack, is like a dream integrated into our daily lives. It facilitates staying connected with loved ones, sharing experiences, and accessing a treasure trove of information and entertainment. However, wide Facebook usage, particularly when watching videos or streaming live content, can quickly deplete your data, which can be a concern for those with limited data plans.

Dedicated Facebook packages address this issue by giving a specific amount of data for Facebook use. This allows users to enjoy all that Facebook offers without difficulty over data consumption.

Features and Benefits

Jazz Facebook packages come with a host of features and advantages:

  • Affordable Pricing: These packages are competitively priced catering to users of all budgets.
  • Variety of Packages: Jazz offers a range of options for light to heavy data users, ensuring everyone finds a suitable package.
  • High-Speed Data: Enjoy a seamless Facebook experience with high-speed data.
  • Wide Coverage: Jazz’s wide network coverage ensures that you can use your Facebook package even in remote areas.

How to Subscribe

Subscribing to the Jazz Facebook packages is a breeze with three convenient methods:

  • USSD Code: Dial *617# to subscribe to the Monthly Social Offer.
  • Jazz Website: Log in to your Jazz account on the website navigate to the “Packages” section and select the desired Facebook package.
  • JazzWorld App: Download and install the JazzWorld app on your smartphone log in to your account, and access the “Packages” section to subscribe.


In a digital landscape where staying connected and informed is paramount, the Jazz Facebook packages offer a cheap and user-friendly solution. These packages allow you to make the most of Facebook without worrying about data consumption. Whether you’re a daily user or prefer longer subscriptions Jazz has you covered. Subscribe today and experience the world of Facebook without limits.

Jazz Facebook Packages 2024

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