Jazz Monthly Call Packages 2024

Jazz Monthly Call Packages

One of the top mobile network providers in Pakistan Jazz offers a variety of monthly call packages to meet the needs of its clients. Regardless of how much or how little you use Jazz they have a perfect bundle.

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In this blog post, we’ll look at all of Jazz monthly call packages including their features prices, and activation codes. We’ll also help you choose the best package for your needs.

Jazz Monthly Call Package in Details

Package NameActivation CodeFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSFree MBsValidity (Days)Price (Rs.)
Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer*614#300501000600030250
Jazz Monthly Social Plus*617#300503001000030275
Jazz Karachi Mahana Offer*529#500015050001000030521
Jazz Super Mahana Offer*529#500015050001000030521
Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle*707*2#300030030001000030868
Jazz Monthly Super Duper*706*2#300030030001000030868
Jazz Monthly Premium Plus Package*2000#3000500300020000301085
Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus*706*2#3000500300040000301260
Jazz Monthly Max*708#3000500300040000301260
Jazz Monthly Call Packages*708#20002000100000301564
Table of Jazz Monthly Call Packages

How to Choose the Best Jazz Monthly Call Package

When choosing a Jazz monthly call package there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Your calling habits: How many minutes do you generally make each month both on and off the network?
  • Your data usage: What amount of data do you usually consume each month?
  • Your budget: What are your financial limits for a monthly call package?

After taking them into account you can begin contrasting the various Jazz package options. Select the bundle that best fits your requirements and financial situation.

To Activate your chosen package dial the activation code listed above. You will receive a confirmation message once your package has been activated.

For more information go to the jazz website.

How to Check your Jazz monthly call package status

There are two ways to check your Jazz monthly call packages status:

Through the Jazz app:

  • Download and install the Jazz app.
  • Your current monthly call package will be displayed under the Active Packages section.

By dialing a USSD code:

  • Dial *443# on your Jazz phone.
  • Press 1 to check your package details.
  • Press 1 to check your monthly call package.

Benefits of Jazz Monthly Call Package

Jazz monthly call package offers several benefits to customers including:

  • Affordability: Jazz monthly call package are very affordable making them a great option for budget-conscious customers.
  • Convenience: Jazz monthly call packages are convenient to use as customers do not need to worry about running out of minutes or SMS during the month.
  • Variety: Jazz offers a variety of monthly call packages to choose from, so customers can find the perfect package to meet their needs.
  • Flexibility: Jazz monthly call packages are flexible so customers can change their package at any time if their needs change.

Terms and conditions

The following are the general terms and conditions for Jazz monthly call packages:

  • Upon subscription, the bundle will be immediately active.
  • The bundle will be active for one month starting on the activation date.
  • At the start of each month the included minutes, SMS, and data will be reset.
  • After the month any unused minutes, SMS, and data will not roll over to the following month.
  • Dialing *707# and choosing “Unsubscribe from Package” will allow you to cancel your subscription to the package at any time.
  • Jazz maintains the right to modify the package’s terms and conditions at any moment.
Jazz Monthly Call Packages 2024

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