Telenor net package code 3 days

Telenor 3 Day Internet Package

If you are looking for a convenient and affordable way to stay connected with your friends and family, you might want to check out the Telenor net package code 3 days. This is a special offer that gives you access to various services such as internet, SMS, and voice calls for three days. In this blog post, I will explain how to subscribe to this package and what are the benefits and features of it.

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What is the Telenor net package code?

Telenor net package code 3 days is a short-term internet package that provides users with internet data valid for three days1. This package is ideal for users who need internet access for a few days and do not want to subscribe to longer-term packages.

Package NamePrice (incl. tax)On-Net MinutesOff-Net MinutesSMSInternet DataValiditySubscription Code
3 Day Plus PackageRs. 6930025300300 MB3 Days*345*91#
3 Day Sahulat OfferRs. 522502525050 MB + 100 MB (WhatsApp)3 Days*5*3#
3 Day Hybrid PackageRs. 60500201501 GB3 Days*345*210#
Table of Telenor net package code 3 days

Features of the Telenfor net package code 3 days

Telenor net package code 3 days offers 1000MB of mobile internet data, including 500MB available from 12 AM – 8 AM1. This package is available to all Telenor customers and is valid for three days.

How to Subscribe to the Telenor net package code 3 days

Subscribing to the Telenor net package code 3 days is simple. Users can subscribe by dialing *345*210# from their Telenor number. The cost of this package is Rs. 44 including taxes.

Telenor offers a variety of internet packages, ranging from daily, weekly to monthly plans, that suit your needs and budget. You can also check your balance, or get a loan, or save your balance and share it with your friends and family using Telenor’s value-added service

Other Noteworthy Packages

In addition to the 3-Day Internet Package Telenor also offers other noteworthy packages such as:

  • Telenor 3-Day Hybrid Package: This package offers 500 on-net minutes 20 off-net/PTCL minutes 1 GB data and 150 SMS all for Rs. 60 (incl. tax) from *345*210#
  • Telenor 3 Day Plus Package: This package provides 25 off-net minutes 300 on-net minutes 300MB internet and 300 SMS all in Rs. 69 including tax3.


The telenor net package code 3 days is an excellent choice for users who require short-term internet access. With its generous data allowance and easy subscription process it offers great value for money. Remember to check your data usage regularly to ensure you are making the most of your package.

Please note that prices and package details are subject to change. Always check the official Telenor website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information.

Terms and Conditions

The telenor net package code is a three-day 1000MB mobile internet data bundle. Users can use 500MB of this data between 12 and 8 AM each morning.

  • All Telenor subscribers can purchase the package, which costs Rs. 44 plus taxes.
    From your Telenor number, call *32# to sign up for the plan.
  • After three days, the package will be automatically canceled.
  • Your internet usage will be billed at Rs. 4.8/MB inclusive of tax when the package is canceled.
  • Dial *999# to check your remaining data balance.
  • The terms and conditions of this package are subject to change by Telenor at any time without prior notice.
Telenor net package code 3 days

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