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Zong PUBG Packages 1 Day, 7 Day & 30 Day

Zong PUBG Packages 1 Day, 7 Day & 30 Day

Are you an avid player of Zong PUBG Packages looking for the ideal gaming environment without breaking the bank? Look nowhere else. Zong offers a variety of PUBG packages designed to satisfy the diverse needs of both prepaid and postpaid customers. We’ll go through the specifics of these bundles in this article and provide you with helpful advice on how to get the most out of your PUBG gaming experience.

Before you subscribe to the Zong PUBG Packages make sure you have enough Check balance. If you don’t, you can get some extra credit from the Zong advanced service. After you get the package, you must save the Balance. You can also be kind and share your Zong balance with your friends or family if they need it.

Zong Daily Package PUBG

  • Price: Rs. 12
  • Validity: 24 hours
  • Subscription code: *7824# 
  • Remaining MB check: Dial *102#
  • Data: 500 MB (250 MB Data + 250 MB PUBG Data)

Zong Weekly Package PUBG

  • Price: Rs. 60
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Subscription code: *7824#
  • Remaining MB check: Dial *102#
  • Data: 5 GB (1 GB Data + 4 GB PUBG Data)

Zong Monthly Package PUBG

  • Price: Rs. 100
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Subscription code: *7824#
  • Remaining MB check: Dial *102#
  • Data: 10 GB (2 GB Data + 8 GB PUBG Data)
Package NameData VolumeValidityPriceSubscription Code
Zong Daily PUBG Package2 GB1 DayRs. 35*7824#
Zong Weekly PUBG Package10 GB (9 GB for PUBG + 1 GB flat)7 DaysRs. 100*7824#
Zong Monthly PUBG Package50 GB30 DaysRs. 500*7824#
Table of Zong PUBG Packages Daily weekly And Monthly

How to Subscribe to Zong PUBG Packages

With Zong PUBG bundles getting started is simple. This is how you can sign up:

  • Enter the subscription code for the desired package.
  • obey the directions displayed on the screen.
  • Once you’ve subscribed, a confirmation message will be sent to you.

How to Use Zong PUBG Packages

Once you’ve purchased a Zong PUBG bundle, you may start playing straight away. Just launch the PUBG app and begin playing. Your data package will be reduced as a result of your PUBG usage.

Note: Zong PUBG packages are subject to change without prior notice. For the latest information on PUBG packages please visit the official Zong website.

Tips for Maximizing Zong PUBG Packages

Pick the Right Package: When choosing a package, take your gaming preferences and price range into account. While moderate users might choose the Weekly Package, light users might prefer the Zong PUBG Daily Package. Gamers who utilize the Monthly Package frequently can play without interruption.

  • Monitor Your Usage: Dial *102# to keep track of your PUBG data usage.
  • Use Wi-Fi When Possible: Connect to Wi-Fi whenever possible to maintain your package benefits.
  • Play During Off-Peak Hours: Off-peak hours typically see lesser PUBG data usage, resulting in a more enjoyable gaming experience.

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Terms and Conditions for Zong PUBG Packages

Without prior warning, any Zong PUBG packages are subject to change.

  1. For the most recent details about PUBG bundles, please visit the Zong website.
  2. All prices are given in PKR or Pakistani Rupees.
  3. Billing for data is done in 1-MB blocks.
  4. Each membership will be subject to a setup cost of PKR 1.
  5. Regulations set forth by the government will apply to taxes and surcharges.
  6. Any PUBG package may be changed or discontinued at any moment by Zong without prior notification.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Zong PUBG packages are active from the time of subscription for a given amount of time.

  • After the validity period, any unused PUBG data will be lost.
  • Throughout validity, subscribers may sign up for Zong PUBG package more than once.
  • On all Pakistani networks, PUBG may be played using Zong PUBG bundles.
  • International PUBG cannot be played using Zong PUBG bundles.
  • Premium PUBG content cannot be played on Zong PUBG bundles.


This article covers all the Zong PUBG Packages for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly periods. It gives you the price, validity, and subscription code for each package. It also tells you how to check your remaining data. If you need any help with the package, feel free to contact us.

Visit the official Zong website for the most recent information on Zong PUBG bundles and start playing without restrictions!

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